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Wrongful Death Series: Judias Buenoano

Serial murder, most often than not, takes place over a considerable duration. Others occur for decades for the investigators to join the dots. Regardless of however long it takes, the kin and friends of victims pursue closure through justice. We at Robert J. DeBry and Associates understand the sensitivity of wrongful death cases and have trained wrongful death lawyers. Our criminal death lawyers offer the best services in Utah and boast substantial success in some of the most prominent cases.

Who Was Judias Buenoano?

Judias V. Welty, or Judias Goodyear or Judias Morris, was an American Serial Killer and the first woman to be executed in Florida since 1848. She also goes in the books as the first woman to be electrocuted in the United States since 1976.

Born and raised in Texas, Judias Welty lost her mother very early. When her father remarried, she faced hardship as she got reportedly abused through starvation and slavery. Her first crime episode was when she attacked her father and his second family at fourteen. Consequently, she was imprisoned for two months and willingly chose to attend a reform school.

The Black Widow.

Buenoano may have inspired the stories, songs, and even films of “The Black Widow.” Her first husband, James Goodyear- a U.S Air force sergeant- was also her first victim, allegedly succumbing to natural causes in 1971. She also did away with her son Michael who was severely ill, showing symptoms of paraplegia.

Also, the victim on her murder list is her boyfriend Bobby Joe Morris and John Gentry. All these cases confirmed her modus operandi- arsenic poisoning. She poisoned those closest to her and rewarded herself through life insurance payouts for each death.

She was proven guilty of the murder of her son Michael in 1984 and attempted murder of John Gentry and faced similar charges for James Goodyear’s death the following year. These cases earned her a twelve-year sentence, a life sentence, and a death sentence. Judias Buenoano got electrocuted at the Florida State Prison on March 30, 1998, and her body got cremated.

The trend in wrongful death cases is often pretty expected-from childhood abuse to missed psychotic tendencies from a very young age. And even when these queer behaviors got caught, rehabilitation seemingly worked only for some time. It is also scary to think that anyone could be the culprit amongst us, and even more, people could be victims of wrongful death. We at Robert J. DeBry and Associates are ready to offer you quality legal representation. Call us today to book a consultation with one of our wrongful death lawyers.


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