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The Old Lady Killer: Juana Barraza

No one ever wants to think about the possibility of losing a loved one in an accident. But when tragedy strikes, it is essential to know that you have the legal right to seek compensation for your loss. A wrongful death lawyer can help you pursue damages from those responsible for the death of your loved one. For example, the case of Juana Barraza is known as a serial killer in recent history.

Juana Barraza’s Murders

On December 6, 1998,  María de Jesús López Pérez was brutally murdered in Mexico City. Over the next decade, ten murders led police to believe they were dealing with a serial killer. In 2006, detectives finally caught a break. They identified the killer as Juana Barraza, a former professional wrestler. In December 2006, The Old Lady Killer was caught red-handed after attempting to strangle another older woman. She promptly got apprehended by Mexican authorities. Barraza confessed to the murders and got sentenced to 759 years in prison. She remains in prison to this day.

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