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Wrongful Death and Babysitting: What Could Go Wrong?

The evening begins exactly as planned: You arrive at your neighbor’s house, armed with DVDs, books and a variety of sweets (to be used as bargaining chips later in the evening). You’re ready for a night of babysitting — and you’ve got the drill down better than any member of The Babysitter’s Club. So when someone mentions all of the ways that wrongful death can occur (triggering the need for a lawyer) while babysitting, you’re taken back; how can wrongful death occur while you’re confidently watching a couple of sweet little children in the suburbs of Salt Lake City?

No Child Is Exempt to Accidents

Children are both curious and unpredictable; this lethal combination is a major contributor to accidents involving death during a night of low-key babysitting. Take this scenario, for example: You’re peacefully pushing a toddler on the swing set at a park in downtown Salt Lake City. You hear one of the children you’re watching call for help behind you. For a moment, you turn around to look for the child, and during those 10 seconds, the infant you’re pushing leans forward a bit too far and falls out of the swing.

If this unintentional accident results in death, you’re going to have a wrongful death lawsuit on your hands — prompting a call to your lawyer as soon as possible.

Wrongful Death and Childrens Curiosity

Yet it’s not just freak accidents (as exemplified above) that can contribute to accidents involving death while babysitting. The natural curiosity of children encourages them to explore their surroundings — including the cleaning supplies or chemicals beneath the sink or in the bathroom.

You may be watching the most mellow set of toddlers in a highly baby-proofed home in Salt Lake City, or you might be chasing around a hyper eight-year old; regardless of who you’re babysitting, a child can still consume chemicals on your watch, resulting in a heartbreaking wrongful death lawsuit and the consequential need for a lawyer. The bottom line? Never assume that the kids you’re babysitting are exempt to an accident.

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