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What to Do if You Witness a Dog Bite

Dogs have been by our sides as companions for centuries. We spent hundreds of years domesticating them and shaping them to live alongside us. Dogs can be a great comfort to people who are lonely; to elderly people who’ve lost a loved one; and to families who need a furry friend. Dogs love unconditionally and can be trained to be the most docile and loving creatures I existence.

But this isn’t always the way things are. In the case of many stray dogs or even some dogs trained to protect, injuries can occur. If you witness a dog bite what do you do? Do you call a lawyer? Do you help the victim? Thoughts like these can overwhelm even the best of us and make it difficult to respond.

Call 911

The first and most important thing to do is to notify emergency responders. Get any phone and call 911 as quickly as possible. This will give the victim the best chance of surviving in the event that the dog has any sort of disease, as well as prevent as much blood loss as possible. Apply pressure to the wounded area and if need be, move the victim to a more comfortable place.

Identify the Owner

Immediately after the dog bite has occurred you should do your best to find the owner of the dog. This way you can get in contact with them in the event a lawyer needs any of their information. On top of this try to get any information from any other witnesses that may have been in the vicinity when the dog bite occurred.

If you can’t find the owner of the dog or the dog is a stray, you should request that the victim is given shots for diseases such as rabies.

Gather Information

Gather as much information you can to give to the lawyer presiding over the case. Here at Robert J DeBry & Associates we love dogs, but we also have you covered in the event that an attack takes place. From Farmington to St. George, Utah we are the best firm when it comes to dog injury.


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