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Why Use a Lawyer?

You may have just been in an accident. It may have been a dog bite, car accident or motorcycle accident. Many people wonder if using a lawyer is necessary to get the compensation they use. Here are a few ways decide if hiring representation is the best option for you.

Perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis

A cost-benefit analysis is where you measure the cost of hiring a lawyer versus the possible benefit of having one. An example of this is if you suffer a dog bite. The dog owner’s insurance company is willing to offer you $5,000, but your hospital bills and physical therapy are going to cost over $10,000. The lawyer you are considering charges $1,000 retainer and $50 per hour. He/she expects that it is going to take eight hours of work on your case. That brings your total to $1,4000. This means that you could gain $5,000 by using a lawyer with a cost of $1,400. In this instance, it is a good idea to hire a professional for your dog bite case.

How Complicated Is the Law?

Legal practitioners spend their whole careers studying the law. Probably you, like most other non-lawyers, spend almost no time studying the law. If you are involved in a complicated dispute such as a divorce, a difficult loss of a loved one or at risk of losing your license for a car or other accident, you should hire representation. They will know the best course to take to offer you the best chance of success.

There are many other reasons to consider hiring a lawyer. If you are in Salt Lake City and in need of representation, there are many great options that will get you the results you deserve. Don’t miss the opportunity for you to get the compensation you’re due. You don’t have to fight alone when you’ve suffered a loss.



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