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Why Robert J. DeBry Started A Helmet Safety Campaign

Bicycle accidents can lead to long-term injuries and even fatalities. According to the CDC, bicycle trips only account for 1% of all trips in America. Still, they face a higher risk of sustaining crash-related injuries and deaths compared to motor vehicle occupants. In fact, in 2015, more than 1,000 cyclists died, and there were almost 500,000 injuries related to riding bicycles.

Even when cyclists weren’t killed in accidents, they sustained injuries that required lifetime medical costs and loss in productivity, running into billions of dollars. Riding a bicycle carries considerable risk. One of the best ways for cyclists to protect themselves is by wearing a bicycle helmet.

That’s why Utah Law Firm Robert J. DeBry & Associates started a helmet safety campaign.

The Importance Of A Helmet

At Robert. J. DeBry & Associates, we often deal with claims from clients in cycling accidents. Our Utah Law Firm knows from experience how traumatic it can be when a loved one gets hurt or killed in a cycling accident. The helmet safety campaign aims at mitigating this. Helmets offer protection from head-specific injuries.

The head is one of if not the most vulnerable parts of the body. Most deaths and serious injuries sustained in bicycle accidents usually affect the head. Even a crash or fall at low speeds can be fatal if you land on your head.

Our Utah Law Firm has a bike helmet safety campaign that caters to toddlers from age 3 to teenagers and adults. Because we know that helmet size is just as important, we have a variety of sizes to ensure all buyers get the perfect fit. A well-fitting helmet is a key to bike safety. It offers better protection and rides comfortably, which keeps you safe out on the road.

Promote Health And Safety With Robert J. DeBry

We dedicate ourselves to partnering with the people to promote good health and safety standards for cyclists of all ages. 

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