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Why Hire Us

With a wrongful death accident, there is too much change to not seek out help from other professionals. With a team of wrongful death lawyers that have years of experience lifting others after they have lost a family member they loved, Robert J. DeBry and Associates know how to help you during this time of need.

If you feel hesitant to hire a lawyer, you should understand everything that comes with handling a wrongful death situation and how hiring a wrongful death lawyer will provide you much-needed assistance.

Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Lawyer

No matter the wrongful death case, there are a lot of financial challenges that will confront the surviving family member(s). Depending on the situation the deceased individual might be the breadwinner of the home, a spouse, or a child, and each scenario entails a different amount of compensation coverage. In addition, the age, health, wages, benefits, retirement plan, and the overall state of the individual plays a significant role in finding out the value of their loss. The calculation it takes to figure the value of the case takes a good amount of analysis and experience. You may not understand how taxes, lost wages, medical expenses, and laws affect the outcome of the value, but after finding the value of the case, there is still all the paperwork. With the help of a wrongful death lawyer, they can take all of the weight from off of your shoulders.

The financial assistance you receive is one thing, but without assistance, how are you to know about the specific laws in regard to loss of consortium, time restrictions, and negligence? How are you suppose to know what to and how to negotiate with the individual at-fault and their third-party entities? Instead of trying to handle all of that on your own, you can receive the help of a lawyer to do all of that for you. They have the experience and may even know how to help you find the consolation you need.

It might be scary to hire a lawyer if you think you cannot afford it, however, we will not get paid unless you win your settlement case. That alone is usually enough to take care of your needs in full and cover the charges from a legal team.

What Sets Robert J. DeBry Apart

We understand that there are a lot of legal teams out there that offer similar things as we do and would be happy to help you, but our Six-Point Promise separates us from the rest of the competition!

  1. 1. 200+ Years of Experience – 
  2. 2. No Upfront Cost
  3. 3. 24/7 Connectivity
  4. 4. We Come to You
  5. 5. Defer Bills
  6. 6. 100% Compensation 

With a team that has been around the Salt Lake area for multiple decades and over 200 years of combined experience covering all kinds of cases—wrongful death cases being one of our specialties. With this experience, we understand the challenges that come with handling a legal case, that is why we promise to be as convenient as possible for you by not charging you until after we win the case together, offering our services 24/7, coming to you if you cannot make it to us, and taking care of all the related bills. In the end, it is all about ensuring you with the coverage you deserve and that is why we promise to return 100% of the compensation you need.

Robert J. DeBry and Associates exists to help individuals who have been wronged and need help. With your wrongful death case, we are confident we can help you and would be honored to help.


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