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Which Utah County City Reports the Most Car Accidents?

Before you travel to a new state, it is vital to study the area and learn about its compromised spots that might affect your driving. This will allow you to be careful and know how to navigate safely. However, if you find yourself in need of a car accident lawyer, Robert J. Debry & Associates can offer you professional services.

Statistics Based on Car Crashes in Utah

Based on figures from the Highway safety office of the Utah Department of Public Safety, 1,250 individuals have perished in collisions across the state of Utah since Jan 2018. Salt Lake County has the highest number of deaths, amounting to 329 as of June 17 in 2022, Utah County with 155 deaths, and Weber County with 89. In Salt Lake County, there were 68 fatal accidents in 2020. The overwhelming bulk of these collisions involved pedestrians. When we examine the sorts of cars involved in accidents, it is visible that during the last five years, commercial vehicle and pedestrian incidents have become the most common in this area.

Be Prepared

The Utah Department of Health reported an automobile collision occurring every 8 minutes. Every 20 minutes, or 72 times each day, an automobile collision with injuries occurs. Nonetheless, Utah remains one of the safest places to travel and drive. Ensure you have adequate precautions to protect you from injuries involving a crash caused by you or another motorist. You should seek a car accident lawyer from Robert J. Debry & Associates.

By incorporating them into your current insurance, you may safeguard yourself against losses that keep you hospitalized or render you unable to work and get reimbursement if a loved one dies.

Car Accident Lawyer

If you need a car accident lawyer, then the accident was much worse than you could anticipate. This is why Robert J. Debry & Associates is here to cater to your accident needs, whether it was fatal or resulted in damages and injuries. Call today at 801-888-8888.


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