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Which Salt Lake intersection has the Most Car Accidents?

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 2.5 million accidents happen annually at intersections. Also, collisions frequently occur when drivers make illegal maneuvers such as U-turns.

Reports from the Utah Department of Transportation show that accidents at intersections are the most common type of road accident in Salt Lake City. Furthermore, drivers distracted by mobile phones or misjudging other vehicles’ speed and distance cause many fatalities and injuries at intersections.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, our team of wrongful death and car accident lawyers has secured high awards for victims of Salt Lake City car accidents. We have assisted many families in getting to the bottom of these fatal accidents and receive just compensation for their loved ones.

The Most Dangerous Intersection in Salt Lake City

Utah’s most dangerous road intersections are nearly always in Salt lake City. Evidently, with heavy traffic and increasingly distracted drivers, Salt Lake City intersections injure or kill many people annually.

In particular, Redwood Road has some of the most dangerous intersections due to its heavy traffic. The most accident-prone intersection is the 4100 South and Redwood Road intersection, situated on the border of West Valley City and Taylorsville. This intersection is responsible for numerous vehicle and pedestrian accidents each year, with many turning fatal.

Why You Need a Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents such as side impacts, rear-end collisions, or head-on collisions can cause serious injury or death. Consequently, victims of accidents and their families can suffer severe financial loss from expensive medical bills, loss of income, disability, or death.

As top wrongful death and car accident lawyers, Robert J. DeBry & Associates routinely assists Utah families in securing the highest personal injury compensation in the state. Please remember to stay alert and drive cautiously at every intersection. If a family member has suffered a fatality in an accident, contact experienced lawyers today at 801 888 8888. 


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