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Where Can You Check Road Conditions in the Winter?

The snow-filled roads, sludge, and sometimes black ice threaten road safety. Checking the state of the road before driving updates drivers on the real-time state of the road. It is, therefore, easy to prepare for a smooth drive and what to do in any eventualities. From the perspective of a car accident lawyer, we at Robert J. DeBry & Associates have found these tools helpful.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps have a user interface feature that provides real-time information on weather condition. Users can check for extreme weather conditions in a specific area through the interface. Additionally, it provides route optimization to help navigate through the roads.

2. Waze

Waze is another popular google owned traffic application that a car accident lawyer can recommend. With the help of its users, this map option shares real-time weather conditions. Finding the current road conditions on Waze is pretty simple and fast. Proceed to the Hazards menu under Weather. Look for the unplowed road report during snow and ice.

3. Apple Maps

Apple Maps is compatible with iOS-supported devices to provide real-time weather conditions. Select the desired location and zoom into the map till the weather icon appears. Use the weather icon to view for actual weather conditions of that place. In addition, the air quality index appears in the system software’s lower-right corner in some regions.

4. Drive Weather

Drive weather is an app device that utilizes information from National Weather Service. The forecasts from National Weather Service are reliable and effective on the Drive Weather app. With an accuracy of up to 60 seconds, weather forecasts of a given place are available for use.

Bottom Line

Harsh winter conditions may result in road collisions and sometimes car accidents. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we provide reliable car accident lawyer services to cover drivers in any eventualities. But to avoid getting blindsided by whatever weather conditions are on the way, we recommend using the above tools.

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