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What You Should Keep in Your Car’s First Aid Kit

When you think of things that you should keep in your car, you might not think of a first aid kit. However, along with vehicle maintenance tools such as a wrench, jack, and a spare tire, a first aid kit is an essential item that every driver should keep in their vehicles. First aid kits might be standard within households, but they should also be common within cars since they will come in handy if you’re involved in an auto accident and face some minor injuries, as well as if you’re traveling long distances and require some small medical treatment while you’re traveling.

So, how do you put together the perfect first aid kit? A car accident lawyer recommends a few essential items that we’ll talk about in this blog. Here is what you should always keep in your vehicle.

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Antiseptic Wash

Antiseptic wash is an essential thing that you can carry in your vehicle because it is an ideal way to clean any fresh wounds that could arise in the event of an accident. Antiseptic wash is crucial because some brands include a mild pain reliever and the liquid comes out in a stream that is forceful enough to flush out dirt from any wounds.

A car accident lawyer might also recommend that you keep individual packets of antiseptic wipes in your first aid kit so that you can use them on injuries as well as to wipe your hands before and after administering first aid.

Adhesive and Elastic Bandages

 Another essential item that you should carry in your first aid kit is adhesive and elastic bandages. Adhesive bandages are imperative when you’re treating minor cuts and scrapes. They come in various shapes and sizes and keeping a mix in your kit is the best way to be prepared for any injuries.

Elastic bandages are lengthy and stretchy bandages that are often wrapped tightly around body parts to reduce swelling, hold smaller bandages in place, hold hot and cold packs in place, and minimize bleeding.


Scissors are essential items because they can help trim gauze pads, cut medical tape and snip clothing that needs to be moved out of the way to treat injuries. A car accident lawyer will inform you that a pair of small, curved medical scissors is the best investment you can make when it comes to your first aid kit.

Instant Cold Packs

Ice helps slow blood flow, decreases swelling and helps reduce bruising; it can also ease itching from stings and bites. Of course, you can’t carry ice in your vehicle, but what you can do is invest in an instant cold pack that turns cold when you activate it (usually by shaking or bending the ice pack). You should always keep more than one in your kit, as they can only be used once.

These are just some of the essential items to keep in your vehicle according to a car accident lawyer, so if you have yet to invest in a first aid kit, you should do so immediately ¾ you’ll want to be prepared for any injuries that might arise in the event of a car accident.

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