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What Qualifies Me To Hire a Motorcycle Attorney?

According to the Utah Department of Public Safety, motorcycle crashes in 2016 in Utah were over 1168 and led to about 1014 injuries and 41 deaths. An unfortunate accident may bring you to ask, “what qualifies me to hire a motorcycle attorney?”

Below are a few reasons in which you may qualify or be in need to hire a motorcycle attorney:


You or another motorist could be the negligent party in a motorcycle accident. Driving under the influence can amount to a traffic offense or a lawsuit in court by the injured party.

However, before you proceed to file a personal injury claim in court, you’ll need help from a motorcycle attorney in Utah to offer assistance with some issues, including ascertaining if the degree of negligence warrants you to go to court.

Get Immediate Legal Help For Your Motorcycle Case

Robert J. DeBry & Associates should be your next destination if you’re a rider in Utah and have a pending case regarding a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle attorney from our team of specialists will explain your rights and answer additional questions you may have. To speak with an attorney 24/7, call (801) 699-9999. 

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