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What Issues are Unique to Garbage Truck Accidents?

If you’re a driver, you encounter all types of vehicles on the road.

Garbage trucks are one vehicle that you hope not to get stuck behind. One primary concern is getting into an accident with a garbage truck. Some studies show that 25% of garbage truck accidents are caused by a garbage truck driver backing up. Another cause could be a rear-end collision with a garbage truck. If you happen to get into a rear-end collision with a garbage truck, you would want to seek help to find out your rights. This is where a car accident attorney could assist you in getting the right help in medical care and legal assistance. However, some issues could occur in garbage truck accidents. 

Let’s explore the common problems with garbage truck accidents:

  1. Is the garbage truck owned by a public or private source?

States can decide if their garbage truck services are government-funded or contracted to a private company. Some states limit if a person can hold the government liable for injuries endured due to a publicly-owned garbage truck.

  1. Was the garbage truck driver negligent?

It is hard to prove negligence by a driver since they are allowed to do certain actions. To collect waste, some drivers have to go on the curb or drive on the wrong side of the street.

These issues make it hard for the average person to navigate an accident with a garbage truck. This is where you can get legal assistance from a car accident attorney to navigate these issues.

Finding the Right Car Accident Attorney

If you were in an accident with a garbage truck contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates experienced car accident attorneys. Their staff can assist you in seeking viable information and appropriate compensation for your injuries. Let Robert J. DeBry & Associates advocate for you with the garbage truck companies.

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