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What is the number one cause of car accidents in Utah?

According to the Utah Department of Health, in Utah, a car accident occurs every 8 minutes. Every 20 minutes, a person is injured in one of these crashes and at least one person dies every 33 hours. 

A large amount of car accidents has a dramatic effect on individuals, families, and communities in Utah. For this reason, Robert J. DeBry & Associates helps you navigate this difficult situation and recover the damages that you are entitled to. Robert J. DeBry & Associates are experts in helping when someone has caused serious injury in a car accident, impairment, or death.

Leading causes of car accidents in Utah:

  • Speeding
  • Following too closely

According to Fix Auto, drivers that speed are have more chances of getting into an accident. Fix Auto explains, “It requires a faster reaction time of the driver, as speeding cars cover more ground than a car traveling at a slower rate of speed.” Similarly, it requires a further and longer braking distance. For this reason, following cars too closely is the second leading cause of car accidents. 

The two causes are closely linked – in 2014, 42% of the fatal collisions in Utah were a direct result of speeding. In the same year, drivers following too closely behind other drivers were the number one cause of collisions in general

You are entitled to receive compensation for the material and personal damages caused to you when impacted by a driver following too closely or a driver speeding, 

What to do If You Are Involved in an Accident:

If hit by a speeding driver, seek medical attention and find a car accident lawyer in Utah. Your car accident lawyer can deal with

recovering damages and getting good settlements for wrongful injury and wrongful death suits. 

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