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What is iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection?

Road accident causes approximately 1.35 million deaths and 20-50 million injuries yearly due to road accidents globally. However, First Aids can prevent fatalities and reduce the impact of injuries when accidents get reported immediately. With the introduction of the crash detection feature in iPhone 14, individuals can smile because of the safety improvement it brings.

Here is everything about iPhone 14 car crash detection and how it works.

What is Crash Detection?

It is a safety feature released by Apple on iPhone 14 to detect severe car crashes and call emergency services. The iPhone 14 Plus’ crash-sensing feature can easily see side impacts, rollovers, rear-end collisions, and front impacts. These impacts alarm the car accident victims to swipe the screen of their iPhone 14 to call for emergency services.

Crash detection got designed to protect humans from death and severe injuries in case of an accident. The device calls out to emergency personnel and provides them with the victims’ precise coordinates and a search radius. If you need a car accident lawyer in Utah, Robert J. DeBry & Associates will respond and provide the best legal assistance.

How Does iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection Work

In a severe car accident, the iPhone 14 displays an alert on the screen prompting the user to call emergency services or dismiss the alert when there is no need to contact them. The alert display on the screen only takes 10 seconds. After, a second 10 countdown seconds is assumed if no one has interacted with the iPhone 14 device. The automated crash detection feature notifies the emergency services on behalf of the unresponsive accident victim when the countdown ends.

Call After Severe Crash

Immediate response after a car accident can saves lives. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer is advisable if one needs any compensation claims. Robert J. DeBry & Associates provides proven jury verdicts and increases the chances of winning any claim for those who need the services of a car accident lawyer.

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