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What Injuries Do Robert J. DeBry Car Accident Lawyers Accept?

Robert J. DeBry & Associates offers competent car accident lawyers to help victims of car accident injuries claim and seek compensation. Our car injury lawyers specialize in tort law. A tort is an area of law that deals with acts or omissions that cause injury or harm.

Car accidents happen regularly on Utah roads. And our accident lawyers understand residents’ pain in paying hospital bills and returning to everyday life. Thankfully, we are determined to help all accident victims.

Car Accident Injuries We Accept

Many injuries result from car accidents. Our car accident lawyers accept all types of injuries ranging from minor to primary. Here are the most common injuries that occur in car accidents:

  • Internal organ injuries: any injury beneath the skin can go unnoticed during first aid. However, internal damage can expose the victim to severe dangers and cause them to fail in their daily work.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: TBI happens when the victim’s head is severely hit or pierced.
  • Bone fracture: in most accidents, the impact causes the victim to overturn and hit objects. It can happen even with the safety belt. As a result, various bones break, and the victim may fail to get into their post-accident health.
  • Spine injury is one of the worst injuries because the spinal cord is part of the central nervous system. Once many people experience spine injury, they cannot return to everyday life as in the earlier days before the accident.
  • Back injury: the back got exposed to much impact with the car interior components in the event of an accident. Back injuries may go unnoticed for weeks or months when the victim cannot do their routine jobs.

Robert J. DeBry & Associates will help claim compensation for all car accident injuries. At times victims without health coverage like Medicaid may face higher treatment bills. Our lawyers provide all the legal processes to get insurance help and other government services like grants.

Consult Our Car Accident Lawyer

Utah has no-fault car accident insurance laws. But to get this Personal Injury Protection (PIP), one must have a car accident lawyer. Call us at 801-888-8888 or chat with our lawyer for a free consultation.

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