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What Counts as Damages

When it comes to a slip and fall case, or another type of claim, your end goal is for your attorney to prove you deserve compensation for damages. Damages are basically the same in Salt Lake City as in the rest of the country, but talk to a professional about how to prove damages. This is not always an easy thing to understand completely, and it can be even more difficult to prove that you deserve compensation for your loss. Sometimes you may even have to pay out damages yourself.


Damages is basically a repayment of something that has been lost. Most of the time this repayment comes in the form of some dollar amount. However, while the loss may be in the form of physical loss, such as loss of a job or money, it may also not be a physical loss. Emotional distress or pain may also occasionally count as a viable loss.


There are two basic types of damages; the first is compensatory. This is the type of damage is where the defendant is awarded the money. For example, if you were injured and filed a slip and fall claim then it was found that you have sufficiently proved you are owed money, you would be awarded said money. Talk with your attorney for a better understanding of what this means.


Punitive damages are the second kind of the basic types. This is where a person pays out the damages as a form of punishment. When you are the one filing a claim for damages you will probably not encounter this type, but it is still good to know about.


In order to receive any compensation, your attorney needs to prove that you have suffered loss. If you file a slip and fall case, you will probably try to prove negligence and fault. Talk with a professional from Robert J. DeBry and Associates if you have questions about your case.


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