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What are the Dangers of Winter Driving?

Winter often means increased travel for the holidays, which means more chances for something to go wrong, mainly when winter conditions can introduce new hazards. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we know how devastating a winter car accident can be and the conditions that often exacerbate them.

Icy Roads

Ice is only sometimes noticeable, even for experienced drivers. It coats the road and prevents your car’s tires from gripping it. With traction, steering and stopping become easier. Black ice, in particular, often makes streets look wet rather than icy and can lead to unsuspecting drivers losing control of their vehicles.

Poor Visibility

Several factors can cause poor visibility. Longer nights, colder outdoor air causing condensation on windows, and snowstorms can reduce visibility. Snow can be kicked up by passing cars and sticking to the windshield. Sometimes, drivers may need to clear off fallen snow before driving.

Tire Problems

Cold air reduces air pressure in tires, and if a driver doesn’t correct it, their tires may not grip the road correctly, significantly when traction is already reduced due to wet or icy conditions. This is especially true on tires that are worn out.

In Case of an Accident 

Hazardous road conditions cause many accidents. After an accident, a car accident lawyer can be a helpful resource to help navigate the difficult process. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we have years of experience helping people who have been injured receive the compensation they deserve. To contact a car accident lawyer, call (801) 888-8888. 

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