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What Are Some Common Examples of Medical Malpractice?

When you need to heal, you always go to your doctor. However, if something very wrong is going on, it can be challenging to feel safe while attending medical appointments. Medical malpractice occurs when a doctor or nurse fails to give the patient proper medical care in a responsible way, just like any medical professional would. If you have suffered from medical malpractice, consider contacting a personal injury attorney.

The most common examples of medical malpractice include:

  • Delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis
  • Prescription drug mistakes
  • Childbirth injuries
  • Failure to treat
  • Surgical or procedural mistakes

Don’t hesitate to hire a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit on your behalf if your doctor has ever made any of these mistakes.

Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis

Significant causes of malpractice suits are due to missed or delayed diagnosis. Serious harm or even death can result when a patient misses any treatment opportunities that could have taken place. Still, a doctor misdiagnoses a medical condition or takes a more extended period of time to diagnose the condition.

Also, a patient can experience harm due to a misdiagnosis from their doctor that prescribed inappropriate prescriptions.

Prescription Drug Mistakes

You expect your doctor to have the experience and knowledge required to prescribe the correct medication to you when you go to their offices.

Errors in prescriptions happen far more often than you may have thought. A patient can be prescribed 100 times too little or too much medication if any healthcare provider makes a mistake. They could even administer the entirely wrong medicines.

The consequences can be very serious when a patient is given the wrong medication or has been given too much or too little of it. If you, a family member, or a friend have been on the wrong end of a prescription error, you may want to consider calling a personal injury attorney right away.

Childbirth Injuries

Another example of medical malpractice that can take place is before, during, and after pregnancy. This can result in very serious, even life-changing, injuries. However, many childbirth injuries can happen due to natural causes, such as brain injuries, fractured bones, or paralysis. In any case, if any of these injuries were caused by the negligence of your doctor or the necessary steps that needed to be taken to treat a condition that can lead to these conditions weren’t taken by your doctor, then medical malpractice could have taken place.

Are You a Victim? Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Don’t wait to call a personal injury attorney if any of these examples have happened to you or someone you love. When your doctor fails, Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help fight for you.

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