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Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days

Most of the time, people often associate rainy and snowy weather conditions with auto accidents, but did you know that more accidents happen on dry roads? With summer here, Utah is now entering its 100 deadliest days; from Salt Lake City to Ogden, fatal car accidents rise by an alarming 45 percent during these hundred deadliest days of summer.

So, why is summer the most dangerous time for drivers? As it turns out, it’s a numbers game. There is increased travel on Utah roads during the summer, meaning that more cars are hitting the road. Auto accident cases rise in the summer, and here are some of the main reasons.

Human Error

About 94 percent of accidents are a result of human error. These errors include distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving, failure to use seatbelts and driving under the influence. If you have been involved in an auto accident on the road this summer, make sure you hire an attorney to review your case, especially if the accident was the byproduct of someone else’s negligence.

Some Statistics on Utah’s 100 Deadliest Days

Surprisingly enough, 80 percent of accidents happen on dry roads, under clear skies. This data points to something that may come as no surprise; drivers become overconfident and complacent when traveling under what they consider “perfect” weather conditions− this attitude takes away from their ability to drive safely.

According to the Zero Fatalities website, fatal car accidents were 45 percent higher during Utah’s hundred deadliest days, as compared to the rest of the year. While these numbers may seem daunting, there are ways to keep yourself safe on the road.

Staying Safe During the 100 Deadliest Days

Road safety is important; an auto accident can be fatal, especially during the summer. Always make sure that you and everyone in your vehicle uses a seatbelt. Restraints can be the difference between life and death. 

Another important thing to remember is to never drive under the influence. A driver’s ability to react is incredibly hindered when the driver is under the influence. Driving distracted also takes away from a driver’s ability to keep themselves safe. Always make sure that whoever is operating the vehicle is focused on the road. If the driver begins to feel drowsy, it’s important to pull over immediately. 

Human error is the number one reason these 100 days of summer are the as deadly as they are. If you or someone you loved one have been injured in an auto accident this summer, contact a lawyer from our attorney team here at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. An experienced attorney will help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


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