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Utah Traffic Deaths Declined in 2022

As everyone settles into the new year, the Road to Zero takes center stage, with the relevant authorities of Utah urging drivers to prioritize safety on the roads. 

Reports released by the Utah Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Safety on the 2022 traffic fatalities showed that the total number of lives lost via road accidents from the first to the last day of 2022 was 320. Road deaths have dropped by 12 from the 332 lives lost recorded in 2021.

Although there is a slight drop in the numbers, the considerable difference between this year and last year is that there were significantly more male fatalities than women. In 2022, 243 deaths were male, while 77 were female.

The UDOT, DPS, and Utah Highway Patrol attribute the numbers to increased risky behaviors, such as aggressive driving tendencies by male drivers more than their female counterparts.

In his message to male drivers, John Gleason, UDOT Public Relations Director, said that folks like him (referring to men) need to take their foot off the gas and focus on calm driving and getting to where they are going safely. He added that not just them but all other road users as well. Road rage often results in car accidents; if you or a loved one is a victim of an accident caused by another driver, contact a car accident lawyer today. 

The departments pointed out speed as one of the most significant issues in 2022, as the DPS officers could count over 6,300 drivers driving above speed limits and surpassing the 100 miles per hour mark. While this number is daunting, they say that that of speeders they could not catch was even higher.

A typical new year’s resolution for all departments is to focus on vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists, and/or pedestrians as they are least protected on the road. These categories of road users are most at risk of losing their lives during a road accident, especially where speed is involved.

In conclusion, the reports show a step in the right direction as more people wear seatbelts. The number has risen from 88% in recent years to 92% this year and tends to fluctuate, but it remains a positive sign that the state is on the right track. 

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