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Utah Texting and Driving Stats

When you further your understanding of Utah texting and driving stats, you’ll see why so many people seek legal counsel from Robert J, DeBry & Associates, a car accident lawyer. You’ll see why looking for a car accident lawyer is such a popular search by visiting how just how many people engage in this distraction while driving alone.

General Statistics

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), 13% of fatal crashes involve using a cell phone. Moreover, Johns Hopkins Medicine’s National Safety Council states cell phone usage while driving plays a role in 6% of all accidents. Cell phones contribute to 636,000 crashes yearly and 330,000 injuries. In one year, cell phone usage while driving is a factor in accidents that cause 12,000 severe injuries and 2,6000 deaths.

Utah Specifics

Robert J. DeBry & Associates would like you to take a moment to see the impact of texting while driving and cell phone use on a local scale. In 2016, 5,748 crashes involved a distracted driver. Of those crashes, 3,303 people sustained an injury. They even had 27 deaths in the state. Shockingly, 9% of all crashes in Utah involved at least one distracted driver.

Cell phone use was the top distraction, and texting ranked in the top seven.

Fortunately, Utah passed a law in 2007 regarding the use of cell phones behind the wheel. It led to a decrease in accidents for three consecutive years. Robert J. DeBry & Associates believes the state can do more.

In the meantime, a car accident lawyer from Robert J. DeBry & Associates can represent you if you suffer from an injury in an accident involving a distracted driver. While the first task is to get the medical assistance you need and worry about your health, the second should be contacting our office for a consultation.

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