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Trucking Accident FAQ’s

When commercial trucks get involved in traffic accidents with pedestrians and passenger vehicles, the results are catastrophic. Many suffer severe injuries or die on the scene. If you or a loved one has been injured or involved in a trucking accident, contact one of Robert J. DeBry & Associates truck accident lawyers. 

Here are some answers to the trucking accident FAQs:

Are Truck Accidents Common?

In the United States, about 500,000 truck accidents involve freight truck or commercial truck drivers and passenger vehicles. Of these accidents, 5000 are fatal accidents with severe injuries. Nearly all people who die in truck accidents are in passenger vehicles and not commercial trucks.

What Causes Most Of The Truck Accidents?

According to FMCSA, the leading causes of truck accidents include drunk driving, truck driver fatigue, overspending trucks, improperly loaded cargo, negligence, and truck malfunction. The truck accidents impact the victim’s life and the truck driver. It can leave them with lost compensation, injuries, brain injury, and other material losses. That is why the victim needs a truck accident lawyer to hold the truck driver or company responsible.

What Is The Cost Of Retaining A Truck Accident Lawyer?

This is among the truck accident frequently asked questions. Most truck accident attorneys charge a fee based on whether you can win a monetary award in court, called a contingency fee. Typically, the cost is about 25-40% of the verdict amount. However, this amount is negotiable.

What To Look For When Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney?

There are three main factors to consider when hiring an attorney. Hire a lawyer with whom you are confident and comfortable. The lawyer should understand regulations and laws regarding personal injuries. Finally, the lawyer should have a track record of successfully closing cases.

If you or someone you know is in need of a truck accident lawyer to answer these answers, Robert J. DeBry & Associates by calling (801) 699-9999. Someone is available to answer your call 24/7.

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