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Top Injuries Related to Workers’ Compensation

A hard day on the job only gets harder when some sort of work-related injury occurs. Oftentimes the injured can apply for workers’ compensation which provides them medical and financial assistance to assist in recovery.

Some injuries come from harsh conditions that no one would be surprised about, but others are just flat out unexpected. The top injury related to workers’ compensation is overexertion. While this may not be surprising, it is a constant problem in construction and factory environments.

Another top injury that has no one looking twice is the common slip and fall. People who work in grocery stores, as groundskeepers or as security guards most commonly file a slip and fall claim.

Some injuries that may be a little more surprising, however, include falling off of a building or through multiple stories or being struck by a large object. For construction workers these unique accidents are very possible on a daily basis. Sometimes though, even restaurant or retail workers in Utah find themselves struck by large objects that seem to come out of nowhere.

Another interesting injury that falls in the top ten is repetitive motion. This is when a worker does the same motion over and over such as lifting heavy boxes. It can even come about from perpetually using a computer mouse.

Workplace violence is probably the least common of the top work injuries in Utah or anywhere else, but it does happen. It is important to not let injuries as serious as these pass by without consulting a lawyer.

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