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Three Misconceptions About the Latest Safety Technology

Newer vehicles are now being designed to keep drivers, and pedestrians alike, safe from driving hazards that have plagued the nations roads for decades. However, how reliable is this technology? Is it possible for these newer vehicles to eliminate the dangers of the road? It’s important to ask these questions because more and more people are putting their trust into the people that design these vehicles.

When it comes to technology, there are some skeptics who are hesitant to trust these new vehicles so easily, and for good reason. While many commercials, articles and conferences advertise their vehicles as practically full-proof, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of making a call to your car accident lawyer in case this new technology happens to malfunction. Here are three misconceptions about the latest safety technology you should be aware of.

Autopilot is Fully Autonomous

This is an exciting feature for just about anyone who enjoys the thought of being able to relax a little as they drive. When companies claim that their cars can drive themselves, of course someone will want to take advantage of the technology but to an extreme. The problem with this is, the technology isn’t perfect and it cannot fully make the adjusts needed when you add in human factors; human still have better judgement over one of these autonomous vehicles.

One good example of this is an accident that happened back in 2016, where the driver of a Tesla fatally collided with a tractor trailer. The autopilot mode on these vehicles warns the driver to keep their hands on the wheel in case they need to take control back for any reason, however a portable DVD player was found in the wreckage, indicating to the police as well as a car accident lawyer that the driver may have put too much trust into the vehicle’s hands.

Automatic Breaking Will Prevent All Rear-End Accidents

The Automobile Association of America (AAA) found that these auto-breaking technologies are more meant to reduce the severity of a high-speed collision. In 2016, AAA selected five vehicles with auto break systems and performed more than 70 emergency-breaking tests. These tests recorded vehicle speed, rates of deceleration, and vehicle separation to simulate real-world driving scenarios, and what they found is insightful. The greatest finding they made is that the automatic breaking technology in newer vehicles such as the Volkswagen Passat, Lincoln MKX and the Subaru Legacy, help prevent about 60 percent of accidents if the vehicle is driving at about 30 MPH or less.

A car accident lawyer will advise a driver that these technologies are not meant to completely replace a driver. Also, drivers should not forgo their usual safe and diligent driving practices.

High-End Sports Cars Will Avoid Safe Driving Technologies

When you think of a luxury vehicle such as a Porsche, the last thing that comes to mind is autonomous technologies, after all, the fun in owning these fast cars is having total control, right? Most people would be quick to assume that luxury brands would choose to forgo new safety technologies, but that is far from the truth. While Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has stated that the company has “no plans to go driverless,” they are preparing to unveil the new Porsche Mission E in 2020, an all-electric competitor to Tesla. While it may not be able to drive itself, Porsche has been increasing it’s safety features in their vehicles, and the Mission E may be held at an even higher standard then its predecessors.

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to selecting a vehicle, and automotive brands are aware that if they want to get you in the driver seat of their newest model, they’ll have to ensure your safety. You should, however, always maintain more control over your vehicle rather than putting all your trust into this technology.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident involving faulty autonomous technology, contact a car accident lawyer at Robert J. DeBry and Associates for a free consultation.


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