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The Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac killer is an unidentified serial killer who murdered seven people or possibly more from 1960 to 1970. He is widely known for his cryptic messages and threats toward newspapers and police. At Robert J. Debry & Associates we provide a personal injury lawyer for those who have been involved in a situation such as this one. 


Most of the victims of the zodiac killer were couples in secluded areas. He would corner them and kill them. He was linked and confirmed to have killed eight people; however, when taunting the press or police, he claimed to have killed 37. He killed his first two victims by shooting them while they were on a date. He used both Guns and kives on his victims.

What Made Him Different? 

 Two times after committing his crime, he telephoned the police and reported and confessed to his murders. He also would write and say to newspapers after killing, demanding his letters be on the front of the paper. The letters usually contained evidence that he was the killer and proof of the crime scene. He often would send encrypted messages claiming within them; that his identity was included. Of the four cryptograms, two were solved and said to contain alarming statements; however, his identity was not it them. He was known to have sent 18 letters officially. 


Arthur Leigh Allen was the top suspect; however, his DNA, handwriting, and fingerprints did not match anything from the crime scenes. 

Richard Gaikowski was also accused; however, he claimed he was overseas when the crimes occurred. His passport records were obtained, and it was confirmed he was overseas. 

Rick Marshal: DNA testing was never done on him; therefore, he is still a viable suspect. He worked at the theater in the San Fransisco area at the time of the killings.  

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