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Harold Shipman

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Life of Harold Shipman

Harold Frederick Shipman was born in 1946. He was his mother Vera’s favorite kid. He developed a superiority complex at an early age, which left him with no friends.

After his mother had terminal lung cancer, Harold Shipman took care of her. He was impressed with the positive effect morphine had on her pain. In 1963, his mother passed away, leaving him devastated. This inspired him to join Leeds School of Medicine, where he trained for two years.

Harold Shipman married Primrose, and by 1974, he was a father of two. He thrived as a caring family practitioner in Todmorden, Yorkshire. Soon after, he became a serial killer.

Crimes of Serial Killer Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman was a trusted family medical doctor in England. He took advantage of this position to murder up to 260 of his patients by injecting them with fatal doses of morphine.

Harold started his criminal career in 1975 when he falsified prescriptions for enormous doses of Pethidine, a medication to which he became hooked. He left medical practice and went to a drug rehabilitation program after his medical colleagues caught him. Harold received a conviction for forgery and paid a small fine.

After a few years, Harold Shipman got hired by Donnybrook Medical Center in Hyde. He served as a hardworking and trusted family doctor while secretly killing his patients through morphine overdose.

Harold Shipman encouraged family members to incriminate their victims and altered patients’ medical records to validate their causes of death. In 1998, Kathleen Grundy, an 81-year-old widow, died due to Shipman’s lethal injections. He even forged a will to benefit from Grundy’s death.

Lawyer Angela Woodruff, Grundy’s daughter, refused to accept Shipman’s justification for her mother’s death. She gathered enough evidence and got help from the local police to exhume her mother’s body for post-mortem.

The findings clearly showed that Grundy died a few hours after a morphine overdose injection, precisely within the timeframe Harold Shipman visited her. With this, the police raided Shipman’s home, recovering medical records, an old typewriter he used to forge the will, and jewelry. He got arrested and charged with 15 counts of murder, including one count of forgery in 1998.

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