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The Phil and Brynn Hartman Case

On May 28, 1998, Los Angeles witnessed one of the most horrific homicides involving Phil Hartman, one of the best “Saturday Night Live” stars of the time. Phil’s wife, Brynn Omdahl, struggled with drug abuse and had been in and out of rehab. She was violent, and every time she mixed her antidepressants with drugs, it caused her bouts of violent outbursts. On May 27, 1998, Brynn was out having dinner and drinks with a friend. When she went home later that night, a fight ensued between her and her husband, Phil. At around 2 AM, Brynn Omdahl removed a .38 Smith & Wesson from her husband’s collection of guns and shot him multiple times in the head and chest while he slept in bed. The postmortem report indicated that multiple wounds killed Phil Hartman instantly. His wife later took her own life after confessing her deeds to her sister and her friend Douglas. The sad ordeal is perhaps the tip of the iceberg of the multiple homicides every year in America. The number of families that are suffering silently over the wrongful deaths of their loved ones is innumerable. Homicides like Phil’s require the services of a wrongful death lawyer to help seek justice for the victim’s family members.

How to Find the Right Wrongful Death Lawyer

Firstly the percentage of cases a wrongful death lawyer has won is a good indicator of their expertise in the field. It is, therefore, reasonable to check on the lawyers’ history and go for one with the highest case-winning percentage.

Secondly, it is paramount to check the client reviews of a lawyer before engaging them. Take your time to research the reviews by former clients of the lawyer because they will give you a clue on whether they are the type of lawyer you are looking for.

Finally, a good lawyer at Robert J. Debry & Associates should be very considerate with their fee. A good lawyer should not make you mortgage your home to offer their services. Consider whether the wrongful death lawyer charges a reasonable price to the case before engaging them.

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