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The Killer found by the internet: Luka Magnotta 

The Killer Found by the Internet: Luka Magnotta.

On May 29, a janitor reports to work in a low–rent apartment- like every other day, but on this day, he meets the unthinkable, a dismembered torso packed in a suitcase. A few days before, the infamous “1 lunatic one ice pack” video caused a lot of frenzy on the internet. Efforts by a Montana lawyer to bring attention to the gruesome clip appear futile due to skepticism from the public and the police and the lack of solid proof of its authenticity. In such cases, the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer become crucial for the victim and their family. 

The Shocking Reality.

As controversy brews on the case, Jun Lin, 33, a Chinese International student, is reported missing only to prove the video accurate. As soon as his portrait emerges, the world embarks on a chase for Jun Lin’s Killer. The man identified as Luka Magnotta was born Eric Clinton Newman on July 24, 1982, in Scarborough. He went on the run and fled to Europe. 

For the friends and family of the victim, the gruesome murder is traumatizing. For a personal injury lawyer, it is yet another open file that demands justice. We at Robert J. DeBry & Associates offer years of experience to get you compensated appropriately.

More Skeletons Out of Magnotta’s closet

More information on Magnotta comes to light. He was a person with schizophrenia who worked as an escort, a stripper, and a gay-porn actor. The Jun Lin case was not his first clash with the law. Magnotta, who reportedly went by aliases Jimmy and Vladimir Ramonav, pleaded guilty to credit card fraud charges in 2004 and served nine months of conditional sentence and one-year probation.

Later, in 2010, Magnotta went on the spot when an animal-rights activist group accused him of torturing kittens, killing them, and posting pictures of the gruesome acts online. A woman claiming to have had an affair with the man described him as manipulative and a pathological liar and claimed that he would have done anything to go public.

Caught by the Internet

Luka Magnotta was seemingly vested on the internet. He supposedly had up to 70 Facebook profiles and 20 websites. Ironically, his interactions were significantly few. After police launched a worldwide crackdown on him, the world became too small for him to hide.

It was a matter of time before the police traced him to an Internet café in Berlin on June 4, 2012. Although he pleaded guilty to the killing, he denied responsibility and blamed it on his mental disorder. Eventually, Magnotta was convicted of life imprisonment and is serving his sentence at a Quebec maximum-security prison.

Unfortunately, not every case catches the world’s attention to help pursue justice, as in the case of Jun Lin’s murder. Regardless, Robert J. DeBry & Associates has worked as one of Utah’s most recognized law firms. Under the representation of our public injury lawyers, you are assured of the best team in your corner.


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