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The Benefits of a Motorcycle Safety Course

Think you’re too good for a motorcycle safety course? Think again. Whether you’re a novice just starting out on a bike or an experienced motorcyclist, motorcycle safety courses are a great resource; motorcycle safety courses reduce the likelihood of incurring a motorcycle accident (and possible lawyer fees), and benefit riders both on and off the bike.

For New Riders

A motorcycle safety course is truly invaluable for new riders. Not only do safety courses inform new riders about the parts of the motorcycle, relevant laws and safety gear, participants receive hands-on training with course-provided bikes and apparel.

Some states require the completion of a safety course for new riders, while others require it for riders under a certain age. In St. George, Utah a motorcycle safety course is not required by law — but it’s still a good idea.

For More Experienced Riders

For experienced riders, a motorcycle safety course is a great way to brush up on old skills or hone new ones. Safety courses give experienced riders a chance to revisit the basics while simultaneously learning new safety maneuvers and crash avoidance tactics.

Many motorcycle manufacturers — such as Honda, Kawasaki & Harley Davidson — offer products reimbursements and discounts to people who have completed a motorcycle safety course; check with your local St. George dealerships. Some insurance providers also offer a discount on motorcycle insurance premiums, so you can pay less and relax in the event of a motorcycle accident — don’t worry about insurance, just focus on finding a good lawyer.

For Your Average Motorist

Even if you complete a motorcycle safety course and decide the St. George biker life isn’t for you, you still walk away with a valuable set of skills. Motorcycle safety experience helps drivers maneuver better through turns, keep watch for hazards and lower the risk of a motorcycle accident.

Avoid a crash and a call to your lawyer by keeping an eye out for motorcyclists; with a thorough understanding of a motorcyclist’s thought process, you can predict his next move — and plan accordingly.

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