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Summer Road Safety: When to Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Picture this: You’re headed back from a week-long motorcycle drive through the desert landscape of St. George, Utah. You decide to make a quick stop at the only gas station in sight to hydrate before hitting the road again. Just as you mount the bike and begin to drive away, a person completely absorbed by their phone backs into you — hard. You crumple to the ground, although your bike fairs much worse. Is this a situation that warrants a motorcycle accident lawyer? Absolutely.

What If I Cause the Accident?

In the above situation, it’s obvious where the fault lies. However, not every motorcycle accident is as simple as the above situation. Accidents between motorcyclists and automobiles usually happen very quickly making it difficult to assign the blame to any respective party. In a situation that’s not quite as concise as the above example, it’s pertinent that you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer. If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s even more critical that you contact a lawyer.

You don’t have to be leaving a gas station in St. George to be involved in a motorcycle accident. It can happen anywhere. There’s a false belief that only those who are not at fault in an accident need a lawyer. On the contrary, any person who has been in an accident and sustained injury or damage to either themselves or their property needs legal representation.

Stay Safe and Cover Your Legal Bases

At Robert J. DeBry, we’d rather you stayed safe on the road this summer; however, we understand that accidents happen. Whether you’re making the scenic trek through the beautiful landscape of St. George or you’re mapping out a road trip through the Pacific Northwest, remember that there are some situations out of your control. If you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident — as either the victim or otherwise — don’t hesitate to seek the counsel of an experienced lawyer.

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