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A Summary of Wrongful Death

The purpose of this blog is to give you a total overview of every major topic that relates to wrongful death. You will learn what types of accidents most often turn into wrongful death cases, what to do when someone you know passes away wrongfully, why you should hire a wrongful death lawyer, and why that wrongful death lawyer should be one from Robert J. DeBry.

The meaning of wrongful death is answered in its title; in essence, when an individual loses their life due to the wrongful acts of another, that is considered wrongful death. These incidents can happen when the guilty individual/party accidentally causes a death through their negligence, or when someone carelessly commits a crime with no thought of the individual they harm. The most frequent cases wrongful death lawyers cover are unintentional poisoning incidents, medical malpractice, car accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liability, work-related accidents, and criminal acts that contribute to an unplanned death.

Family members who lose someone they love will experience heartache, confusion, and financial difficulty among other things. There is an emotional process that these individuals may follow but it is best to find a support system, create new routines, and understand that time is the best healer in these situations. While time does not speed up or slow down, the more that time passes, the better these family members will be able to cope with all that has happened. Unfortunately, the physical demands of the world will not stop either; the most beneficial thing to do is hire a wrongful death lawyer to help with any financial difficulty.

Instead of having to stress with the medical bills, automobile repairs, lost wages, or any other new expense, a wrongful death lawyer will be able to manage that for the surviving family. If the breadwinner is the one to lose their life, then a lawyer will be able to make a claim, go through the negotiations, and find a compensation that will take care of the family moving forward.

Robert J. DeBry and Associates has been around the valley handling wrongful death cases for many decades and has a six-point promise with all of their clients that should resolve any concern when someone might consider hiring a legal team. We guarantee our clients 200+ years of combined experience, the ability to turn over their bills to us, 24-hour contact, our lawyers meeting them where they need, no cost until after we settle the case, and returning 100% of the compensation they deserve when we win.

If you have any other questions or requests in regards to your wrongful death case, contact us today!

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