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Stunt Performer Ryan Dunn Dies From Car Accident

Ryan Dunn Dies in Fatal Car Crash

You must have heard of Ryan Dunn, 34, from the reality series “Jackass.” He’s a daredevil who performed many life-threatening stunts for the Jackass and Viva La Bam. On June 20, 2011, he died in what got seen as a gut-wrenching car crash. Their vehicle ran into a tree and then burst into flames, claiming the lives of Ryan Dunn and his companion Zachary Hartwell.

According to the Chester County Coroner’s office, the actual cause of death was “blunt and thermal trauma because of a motor vehicle accident.” The deaths got listed as “accidental.” Under Pennsylvania’s laws, you deserve the rightful compensation if you’ve sustained injuries or death in a car crash caused by another individual’s recklessness or carelessness. Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help.

The Toxicology Report

Although it wasn’t clear who was driving the Porsche 911, a toxicology report revealed that Ryan’s blood alcohol concentration exceeded Pennsylvania’s legal driving limit. The police department also released initial results showing that Ryan’s Porsche traveled between 132-140 mph when the accident occurred.

The toxicology results illustrated that alcohol was involved in this fatal accident, which says much regarding drinking and driving. It’s worth noting that similar accidents occur all across America and do not only involve celebrities but also ordinary people. Apart from shocking the entire nation and his fans, Ryan Dunn’s death also had different reactions since it was associated with DUI, which is a serious matter.

A Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help

Injuries or death resulting from a motor vehicle accident can be frustrating. And that’s where Robert J. DeBry & Associates comes in. Our wrongful death lawyers are always ready to offer legal guidance during such difficult times and will gather all the information and evidence required to file a wrongful death claim.

Call us at 801-888-8888, and our wrongful death lawyers will help you get the rightful compensation

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