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So Your Car’s Been Recalled—Now What?

Receiving a car recall notice in the mail from one’s auto manufacturer has the potential to ruin anybody’s day. While car recalls are never fun, they are an essential part of overall vehicle safety in the Salt Lake City and around the United States.

Most auto recalls aren’t for life-threatening defects, but it’s always best to get your car checked out and avoid a potential accident.

In the event of an auto recall, don’t panic. Read over the notice thoroughly. According to lawyer specifications, auto recall notices are required to describe the defect, address the safety hazard and give instructions on where to take your vehicle for repair.

Dealerships will typically fix your car for free, whether it was purchased in Salt Lake City or elsewhere around the country.

Once a recall has been issued, the manufacturer is no longer liable for damages incurred as a result of the defect. If an accident occurred due to a known defect but prior to the recall notice, a car owner and his or her lawyer may be able to successfully sue the carmaker for negligence.

While most recall notices are issued for minor safety infractions, a responsible car owner should always heed the notice and get his or her car fixed promptly. Vehicle recalls can be frustrating, but they are necessary to ensure carmakers keep their vehicles up to an acceptable safety standard.

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