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Slip and Falls at Waterparks and Public Pools

Nothing says summer like water parks and community swimming pools. From Lagoon-A-Beach in Farmington, Utah to the indoor pools found in hotels in the Big Apple, everyone is sure to make at least one trip to cool off during the blistering summer heat.

While summer is a time to let loose and have fun in the water, you must also remember the dangers that come from these parks. Personal injury can come from something as dangerous as a slip and fall due to wet surfaces, leaving you with no option but to call a lawyer — and make a trip to the emergency room.

Who Is Responsible?

This question can be a tricky one to answer, as the pool or park owners are often responsible but can set out warning signs that then shift responsibility over to the patron. It is always recommended to call an attorney when faced with a case involving personal injury at a water park.

The first thing we can look at is any signs that are placed around the park. Usually, these facilities will have signs warning all swimmers of the potential dangers that are present if the park rules are not followed. For example, if there is a no running sign up and your fall was a result of you breaking that rule, you might be at fault. Still, consult your lawyer so you can obtain the proper information regarding the case.

Water parks and pools should never be slippery, even when wet. These recreational facilities should be designed to retain traction as to allow the guests to walk around safely when making their way in and out of the pool.

In Any Case, Contact a Lawyer

Whether you may feel like your slip and fall was your fault or not, contact your local attorney to receive a consultation. This way you will be more informed on what actions must be taken to settle the case.

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