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Slick Roads Lead to More Accidents

As the winter season arrives, accidents typically increase. With icier roads and slippery surfaces, common during the colder months. While many reports of vehicular accidents focus on the driver’s age, driving while under the influence, and other vehicles involved in a collision or crash, there is often limited mention of the weather or road conditions. Even where there isn’t snow or ice, heavy rains and flooding can cause slippery surfaces. And conceal potholes or other hazards. In which case you may need a car accident attorney.

Rain, snow, and fog also reduce visibility. Elements like this are often present when roads become slick and difficult to navigate. Robert J. Debry & Associates is a personal injury attorney firm that handles cases involving car accidents. Some of which may be caused in part due to weather and road conditions. Low or poor visibility can impact a driver’s ability to navigate successfully, increasing the likelihood of a collision.

Prevention is Key to Avoiding Accidents on Slippery Roads

To avoid slick road conditions, it’s best to prepare in advance of the next season as much as possible. Purchasing winter tires and tuning up your vehicle for routine maintenance and repairs will improve your chances during unpredictable weather. I

If you plan on traveling to a warmer region where snow and ice are not a factor, limit driving in areas where roads are under repair. Or when there is dangerous during stormy conditions. In the event of an accident or collision, always make sure you obtain the necessary insurance information and take care of your personal needs if the incident is an emergency. Once these initial steps are done, contact a professional like a car accident attorney for advice on to proceed next.

Steps to Take in the Event of a Car Accident

Contacting emergency services and collecting insurance information are the two most important steps following a vehicular accident. If insurance information or the other driver isn’t available, take note of any details or information. Which may help your case. Contacting a car accident attorney is vital at the earliest stage. Ensuring that you know your options and what action to take. Robert J. Debry & Associates offers online help and a direct phone line for advice. The personal injury legal firm operates out of three office locations. Also, phone assistance is available 24 hours a day.

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