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The Six-Point Promise

Coming into contact and hiring a law firm can seem intimidating at first, but with our six-point promise, you will only find all the more reason to hire us. Whether you need an attorney to defend yourself, or you need a car accident lawyer to support you when you negotiate with insurance companies, Robert J. DeBry and Associates promise you the coverage you need get what is rightfully yours. The six promises we guarantee consist of the following points: 200+ years of experience, no cost for your initial case review, 24/7 connectivity, coming to you, deferring bills, and helping you receive compensation.

200+ Years of Experience

The first thing you need for any legal situation is a team that has been there before—an experienced team competent enough to handle any case. As new buildings are built, new websites are created, new phones are developed and the evolution of society continues, we at Robert J. DeBry have lasted through the times. The combined experience from decades of existence in a constantly changing environment stands as evidence that we know what it takes to combat any new or old case for our clients.

No Cost 

As great as it is to know you are working with a qualified team with years of experience, the fear of cost sticks out like a sore thumb. However, our second promise is that your initial consultation is absolutely free, AND you will not pay us anything unless we settle or win your case.

24/7 Connectivity

Certain cases can put a strain on individuals as circumstances change and updates take place, but if you’ve been in a wreck, your car accident lawyer is there to support you whenever you need. For example, if you hear news along the lines of the third-party insurance company not settling on a recent proposal and trying to make a different deal, Whether it’s 7 a.m. or 7 p.m., you can chat with your car accident lawyer at any time.

Come to You

With a busy schedule and potentially no vehicle to get you to our location, we will come to you. Weekends or weeknights, we make it a point to come to you whenever and wherever is best for you and your family. 

Defer Bills

To no surprise, getting injured in a crash calls for a lot of paperwork—medical bills and employer validation for any lost wages for missing work can be challenging. Our car accident lawyers will help you find the right doctors and specialists you are looking for, and can also assist you with any lost wages documentation. 


Our last promise is to right the wrongs that have come to you and help you get 100 percent of the compensation you deserve. It is in this area that victims most often miss out on what they entitled to. Having a car accident lawyer on your side can make all the difference. 

Our six-point promise essentially guarantees you the most reliable and convenient coverage you can get. We will fight your case and make sure you are not alone going head to head against other insurance companies, negotiators or any individual well-versed in law. To speak with a car accident lawyer (or anyone lawyer or attorney you need), you can call us today at 801-699-9999.

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