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The Seasons and Motorcycle Accidents

Seasons affect how people drive, there is no surprise there. During the winter, people need to drive slower and more tentatively. Whereas in the summer you see some more foot on the gas, from the streets of West Valley City, Utah to the highways connecting the country. Another thing that season has a major influence on is what people are driving.

You may not see too many motorcycles on the streets during the holidays, however late spring and summer encourages riders to pull the tarps off their favorite chopper and hit the road. Unfortunately, these seasons don’t just mark the beginning of riding season; they also see spikes in motorcycle accident stats. This of course leads to numerous lawyer consultations and in worst cases, several wrongful death situations.

To avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident this summer and becoming another fatality statistic, make sure you’re following motorcycle safety tips. Here are some examples an attorney might show you just to prove how dangerous these seasons can be to riders.

Surprising Statistics

While you may not see an accident all that often, they are happening right now. Every minute of the day, an accident involving a motor vehicle occurs. In a nine-year span, from early 2003 to 2012, statewide studies have shown that there was a 23 percent increase in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. In the Golden State, the accidents reached a peak in 2008, plummeting by nearly 16 percent by 2010, only to spike back up shortly after.

Today, an attorney can see an increase in fatality cases by up to 15 percent since 2012. These statistics are rising due to the lack of caution from other vehicles and reckless behavior on the roads. While motorcycles are a second vehicle to many, they are still very popular in the states. The best way to reduce these statistics is to be wary on the roads.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, the attorneys at Robert J. Debry & Associates are just one call away.


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