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Safety Tips For Your Winter Work Commute

The arrival of winter brings with it many challenges for road traffic users. The poor visibility, slippery roads, and heavy snowfall make it difficult to drive even the shortest distances. A morning commute could quickly turn into a multi-vehicle pile-up costing hundreds of thousands in damages and medical bills.

Many car accident attorneys have dealt with winter accidents. In 2019, there were almost 500 fatal crashes and over 30,000 injury crashes. The good news is, it’s possible to drive safely to and from work during the winter. Follow the tips outlined in this vehicle to minimize the chances of getting into accidents during winter.

Drive Slowly

Winter means roads covered with ice and sleet and snow. It reduces traction. Vehicles may slip and slide or spin out of control if driven at high speeds. It also takes longer to break. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we know that speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents, and this gets worse in winter.

Check Your Tires

It’s best to check your tires monthly for any wear on the tread or drops in pressure. As any car accident attorney will tell you, worn out or underinflated tires diminish traction and stopping distance on slippery roads. It may lead to costly accidents.

Plan Your Route

Familiarize yourself with maps and directions. Check the weather forecast and leave earlier or later if necessary. Keep others informed on your route and time of arrival. Planning can prevent you from getting into an accident.

Be Considerate

Even in winter, pedestrians are moving about. Many car accident attorneys have dealt with cases involving pedestrians or animals, and this gets worse in winter when there’s poor visibility. You might not see someone until you’re just about to hit them.

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