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Safety Measures for Risk-free Winter Driving

The appearance of white, glittery snow is a pretty sight, but it brings the dangers of icy roads and inevitable vehicle collisions. No matter how experienced the driver is, even a momentary loss of vigilance in winter driving conditions can result in dire circumstances. A defensive driving approach and a properly maintained vehicle are essential to prevent any winter-related road traffic accident.

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Vehicle Maintenance in Winters

  • Installing winter tires with at least 50 percent tread increases the traction of the vehicle on snowy roads.
  • It is essential to inspect the battery and recharge or replace it before embarking on a winter drive.
  • Accompanying kids should be fastened in the child safety car seat properly in the back. It is prohibited to place the rear-facing infant car seats in front of the airbags.
  • Check and replace the wiper blades to ensure their proper functioning and use an anti-freeze wiper fluid.
  • Top up the gas tank before starting the trip; keep it half full to avoid gas line freeze.
  • Make sure that the headlights, taillights, and sensors are all in proper working condition.
  • Always keep a check on the exhaust pipe and clear any ice or mud.
  • Prepare for any impending emergency by stocking the car with an emergency safety kit.

Safe Winter Driving Practices

  • Accelerate or decelerate slowly without making any sudden turns or stops.
  • Maintaining a safe following distance between the vehicles makes stopping safer and prevents the need for abrupt brake application.
  • Keep alcohol, drugs, and fatigue at bay to ensure a safe driving experience for everyone. It is also vital to steer clear of any distractions such as texting or calling, making driving in harsh conditions even more dangerous.
  • To manage a skidding vehicle, the driver should always turn in the skidding direction to gain control.
  • Winter driving requires full control of the vehicle and quick response to the poorer road condition, which is impossible in cruise control.

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