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How Safe Are Ski and Snowboard Helmets?

When going skiing with your family at a resort outside of Provo, Utah, some of the most important equipment skiers can bring is their skis, ski poles, warm clothes, goggles and a helmet to keep your head safe.

Research shows that ski and snowboard helmets reduce head injuries, but if you do get hurt while wearing your helmet, this could lead you to call a slip and fall lawyer and wonder who’s at fault — you or the helmet?


A 2012 study from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine researched whether or not helmets prevent head injuries in the event of a ski or snowboarding accident. Researchers found helmets decreased both the risk and severity of a slip and fall head injury. According to the study, the greatest dangers posed to skiers or snowboarders were due to environmental conditions.

Why Should You Wear a Helmet?

Why should you wear a helmet? To protect yourself, and avoid the possibility of a slip and fall lawsuit. According to a study from the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, helmets were found to reduce head injuries by up to 45 percent. The Johns Hopkins study found wearing a helmet reduced the risk of getting a head injury, however, a helmet doesn’t completely protect you from incurring injury. Skiers and snowboarders from Provo and around the globe can still get head injuries — even when wearing a helmet.

If you’re planning on going skiing or snowboarding and hurt yourself while not wearing a helmet, you’re going to have a weak case — and finding a lawyer to represent you could be tough. Be on the safe side and wear a helmet, even if you’re just setting an example for the younger generation to stay safe on the slopes. Make sure your family in Provo is safe and sound, and save money on a lawyer by properly wearing your helmet.

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