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Roundabout Safety Tips

While Salt Lake City, Utah may not have as many roundabouts as Europe, they’re still fairly common in the states. These roundabouts are designed to make intersections safer for pedestrians, cyclists and most importantly, drivers. These traffic creations are meant to replace traditional four-way stop intersections to keep traffic flowing smoother and safer, but like anything else, there are going to be a few drivers that don’t fully grasp the concept.

In order to keep auto accident rates down and avoid a call to your lawyer, you should read up on how to properly use these roundabouts if you’re new to them or rarely get the chance to drive in them. Here are some tips to keep you safe when using a roundabout.

The Different Types of Roundabouts

Single-Lane Roundabouts

In the states, there are two types of roundabouts: Single-lane roundabouts and multi-lane roundabouts. Single-lane roundabouts are simple, as long as you make sure you’re following the directions. Slow down and follow the posted speed limit sign as you approach the roundabout, while keeping an eye out for pedestrians. As you enter the roundabout, look to your left and obey all yield signs; make sure you yield to traffic that is already in the roundabout.

Once the coast is clear, continue to proceed until you exit the roundabout. These single-lane roundabouts help reduce the chances of an auto accident by providing more direction at an intersection, so following the rules to the T is the best way to stay safe.

Multi-Lane Roundabouts

Multi-lane roundabouts may seem more confusing than their single-lane counterparts, but they’re essentially the same thing with a few minor direction additions. In a multi-lane roundabout, you will see two signs as you approach the intersection. There will be a yellow “roundabout ahead” sign first, followed by a black-and-white “lane choice” sign; make sure you choose a lane before getting into the roundabout. Changing lanes in the roundabout is extremely dangerous and can lead to an auto accident.

If you need help choosing a lane: To go straight or to turn right, get in the right lane; to go straight or to turn left, get into the left lane⎯ U-turns can also be made in the left lane.

Follow the same precautions you would use in a single-lane roundabout, such as watching out for pedestrians and yielding to traffic already in the roundabout and you will make it out without a sweat and avoid giving your lawyer a call.

If you or someone you know have been injured in an auto accident because of someone else’s negligence, contact our attorney team at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. We will get an experienced attorney on your case to help build a strong claim for you.

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