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The Risks of Making Your Own Backyard Skating Rink

As the months continue to get colder and the temperature drops, many families that live in cold places like Ogden, Utah have traditions of making a backyard skating rink. While this is a wonderful winter tradition for your family, if you allow friends and neighbors on your rink there are many liability issues.

Having the rink on your property makes you liable for any personal injury that occurs during skating, especially if you don’t take consideration to safely construct it. If you have other questions about liability that you may be held accountable for, there’s always a lawyer at Robert J. DeBry and Associates waiting to help you.

Proper Construction

Making a skating rink that is as safe as possible is the first step to protecting yourself from a possible lawsuit. This means putting it in an area that’s not easily accessible to anyone— in a fenced backyard is a good idea.

Next you want to make sure there aren’t dangerous objects around the rink that someone could slip and fall onto. An example of this is using a stake to hold down the tarp that will retain water for the rink—bad idea, just use the weight of snow or another blunt object to hold it down.

The next thing you want to do is put up signage. Make sure it’s known that an ice skating rink exist in your backyard. Even if someone uninvited is passing through your yard and the rink causes them to slip and fall; you could be held liable. If you have signage warning of the rink it will make it much easier for a lawyer to help protect you.

Proper Coverage

Check your insurance and find out what your liability coverage is. Having the added risk of a skating rink in your backyard; you may want to consider getting additional coverage with a Personal Umbrella Liability Policy.

If you have a case you need help with or just have questions about your liability, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer at Robert J. DeBry and Associates.


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