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The Risks of Buying a Car With a Rebuilt Title

As your car rolls to a stop for the last time on the streets of Provo, Utah, the same thought runs through everyone’s head, “Oh no. Car shopping again?” It’s hard to find a good deal on a high quality car.

But every once in a while you’ll come across an ad for a car with a “rebuilt title.” The price is just right, the car seems to be in excellent shape and it’s just right for your lifestyle. But if you settle for a rebuilt title, could you be setting yourself up for an auto accident and the inevitable call to your lawyer?

What Is Rebuilt?

Purchasing a car is one of the most involved decisions. When looking for an ideal automobile you have to be sure that each one is safe and reliable. However, with rebuilt titles you can’t always get that reassurance. A rebuilt title typically means the car was part of an accident and was totaled. From there the seller either repaired or rebuilt the vehicle.

The reason cars with a rebuilt title are notorious for being poor quality is because not all damage is noticed upon a first inspection. Many of these cars can’t even be insured because of the list of unknowns.

Imagine driving down the freeway when the engine in your rebuilt vehicle dies. Let’s hope you have an auto accident lawyer on speed dial, because that’s a situation that won’t end well.

If You’re Purchasing One

There isn’t much of a market for “flipping” cars, but if you’re looking to make a serious investment a rebuilt car could be for you. Remember to ask a lot of questions. What damage was done? Did they repair it with salvaged parts? Demand documentation if you’re going to take the leap and buy it.

In worst-case scenarios, always remember that a high quality auto accident lawyer is a simple phone call away.

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