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Proper Distance Between A Car and A Motorcycle 

It is important to maintain a safe motorcycle distance between a car and motorcycle. When riding a motorcycle, you can’t just lock your brakes up and hope for the best if something unexpected happens. When on a motorcycle, you don’t get that chance. There are other tips to know whether you are in a car by a motorcycle or riding a motorcycle. 

Keep Your Attention

Life can change in an instant. Traffic can change in an instant and if you are looking around and being distracted by other cars or putting on a better song, you’re not going to see the car in front of you when it stops. 

Use the 3-Second Rule

The 3-second rule is the best way to make sure you have the proper distance between you and a motorcycle. It is the best rule to make sure you always have the proper distance while driving. The easiest way is to pick a landmark, like a road sign. Begin counting as soon as the car or motorcycle in front of you passes it. There should be at least 3 seconds between when you start counting and when you pass it. 

Road Conditions

Depending on the weather, you need to allow extra space between you and the traffic around you. Cars have a tendency to miss motorcycles, even in broad daylight. It is crucial to be extra defensive when the weather isn’t clear and sunny. 

These tips are what you need to know to make sure you avoid an auto accident. 

Losing a family member is unbearable, now add on the stress of funeral expenses and hospital bills. When you lose a family member because of someone else’s negligence consulting with experienced attorneys is the right decision. Robert J. DeBry is Utah’s wrongful death law firm, we will take on the insurance companies and stop all the hospital and insurance distractions while you focus on your family. Our experienced wrongful death litigation team is ready to help your family, we know what needs to be done and we’re only one phone call away.

Over $150,000,000 recovered for wrongful death families in the last 5 years

What is a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

A wrongful death lawyer is a legal professional who primarily handles lawsuits for those who have lost a loved one(s) due to another party’s negligent or reckless acts. The wrongful death attorney helps the victim’s family build a case against the liable party by providing substantial evidence of the wrongful death and ultimately helps the family procure the appropriate compensation due to circumstances like lost wages, medical bills, and funeral/burial costs.

Here at Robert J. Derby & Associates, our car accident lawyers understand the pain and stress that accompanies a vehicle accident and personal injury cases. Our firm’s accident attorney in Salt Lake City will put genuine heart and energy into any patients they take, which is why we stand out from other law firms.

After all, we believe that the best car accident lawyer is the one that will make you feel taken care of and will give you peace of mind. They will not be the kind of accident lawyer that adds to the stress you are already facing.

We highly recommend you call our team at 801-888-8888 or fill out our online consultation form for more information on the compensation you deserve.

If Your Loved One has Experienced a Wrongful Death

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car accident lawyer review
car accident lawyer review
car accident lawyer review
car accident lawyer review

What to do in the Event of a Wrongful Death

We know times are difficult after the death of a loved one, and a local Salt Lake City wrongful death attorney is the last thing on your mind. Our wrongful death lawyers are here to offer legal advice during this difficult time and will gather the evidence and information needed to file a wrongful death claim. No matter if the wrongful death is a result of a negligent doctor, trucking accidents, car accidents, or a personal injury, we recommend contacting a wrongful death attorney who is experienced in wrongful death suits as soon as possible.

Many of our clients do not know how they will afford the things they need after experiencing a death of a loved one. Our wrongful death attorneys will help you become financially dependent and help you find ways to remember a loved one.

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