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Pothole Vehicle Damages

Salt Lake City drivers are no strangers to road conditions such as potholes. As winter wraps up, the harsh weather conditions and snow melt begin show their destructiveness on the roads. An auto accident caused by a pothole is not uncommon come spring time. If you find yourself questioning what to do if your vehicle is damaged by road conditions, there are a few tips to think about, but you should also consult with your local attorney.


There are an array of vehicle damages that can take place due to potholes. You may not notice large potholes while driving until it is too late. You may be driving down the road and suddenly you hit a pothole. Your tire could easily go flat, or damage may occur to the underside of your vehicle. This is a type of auto accident in which you may find yourself questioning who pays for the damages⎯ a lawyer can help you figure out what to do next.

Assess the Situation

Proving the damages to your vehicle occurred as a result of road maintenance negligence can be difficult. You may file a claim to the city but getting reparations for your claim may take a bit more work. In incidents where two parties are involved it is easy to get insurance coverage. However, proving a case against the road is tricky. If you feel confused as to what you need to do to get compensation, contact an attorney at Robert J. DeBry and Associates.


If you are involved in a car accident involving road damage, here is what you can do. Understand who is responsible for the incident; in most cases, the road is government property. Figure out how long the road conditions have been that way.

If the pothole has been reported and the city has failed to fix it for months, you may have a good case. Just as you would report any auto accident be sure to file a police report for the incident. Also document the scene as much as possible. Take pictures and record details to help an attorney understand your claim.


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