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Places You Can’t Park At

Whether you’re driving in Salt Lake City or a rural town, parking restrictions are pretty universal. The question is, do you know where you can and can’t park?

Let’s start at go. Thinking of setting up camp near a fire hydrant? Think again, because that would be a safety hazard.

Make sure you’re parked more than 30 feet away from a stop sign, and never park on a bike path.

Is the curb marked red? There’s a reason for that: no parking. Also, never park on double yellow lines and any place with an exit sign. Doing so could result in an auto accident.

If your potential parking spot is on private property, a crosswalk or in front of a driveway, find an alternative spot.

Nobody wants to be towed to walk up on a heavy ticket or fine. So stay out of those handicap spots unless permitted by a lawyer. Be aware of where you leave your hot rod, so when you’re ready to trail back home, your car is actually right where you left it.

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