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Different Types of Summer Injuries

Summer comes with incredible outdoor freedom that everyone wants to enjoy. From enjoying the warm sunshine at the beach to going for road trips, there is never a limit to how much you can do during this lovely weather.

Although summer comes with a lot of joy and excitement, it also presents a lot of activities that expose you to injuries such as watersports, road trips, and even celebrations. If in the most unfortunate circumstances, the fun turns into an injury, you can always count on Robert J. DeBry & Associates for a personal injury lawyer to stand up for your rights before any insurance company.

Below are 4 of the most common Summer Injuries we have compiled for you. Find out how you can stay safe from them.

Swimming Injuries

On average 10 people unintentionally drown in swimming pools every day in the United States. Approximately 1 in every 5 of these deaths is a child 14 years or below. As you head to the swimming pool during summer, ensure you do not lose sight of your kids. Also, stay away from alcoholic drinks and any distractions when swimming.

Burn Injuries

Most events are held during summer, and there is hardly an event that goes without eating. Handle grills carefully if you are making burgers. Be careful with every source of the fire. Also leave fireworks to professionals as they can cause fatal accidents just with slight mistakes.

Car Accident Injuries

With everyone trying to get to someplace during summer, the risk of accidents is quite high. Drive carefully and follow the stipulated traffic regulations. There is a high likelihood that the driver next to you is not well experienced or is even driving under the influence of alcohol. When it comes to your car, make sure it is checked by the mechanic prior to driving it. The hot summer weather can interfere with the functioning of some of its equipment. Remember to file a lawsuit with our personal injury lawyer for compensation if you, unfortunately, become an accident victim.

Watersport Injuries

Most watersport injuries are due to boating activities such as waterskiing and tubing. Always wear a life vest. For more safety have one of you watch over the rest. That way, it’s easier to notice anyone in danger and seek help before it’s too late.

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