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NHTSA Tweet-Shames Reckless Driving Behavior

When you text and drive, your ability to safely operate a vehicle drastically decreases — and you and your loved ones become at greater risk for an auto accident. Though a lawyer can always help you work through a tough auto accident situation, avoid the extra risks and put the phone down.

From Salt Lake City to the Great Plains, no one is exempt from the dangers brought on by texting and driving. A practiced auto accident lawyer will do all in his or her power to help you and your loved ones — especially when your family becomes the victim of texting and driving gone wrong — but for the sake of everyone on the road, always remember to put down the phone when you get in the car.

Tweets to Stop Texts

In an increasingly digital world, many entities are taking the fight against texting and driving to the internet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has taken to Twitter to remind drivers of the danger they put themselves in when they choose to text and drive.

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Any auto accident lawyer can tell you that texting and driving is a leading cause of roadside accidents — and yet individuals from Salt Lake City to the East Coast continue ignore the facts. The NHTSA wants to change that.

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If individuals tweet about their texting and driving habits, NHTSA responds. These humorous, yet pointed remarks ask individuals to cease texting while driving while simultaneously offering up harrowing statistics. The tweets have gained positive reactions not just in Salt Lake City, but across the nation.

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As the NHTSA’s campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving continues, other driving distractions have been addressed. As Twitter users mused over the dangers of activities such as eating and driving and reading and driving, the NHTSA responded in the same way.

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The efforts of the NHTSA and its hashtag, #JustDrive, have not gone unnoticed. As Twitter users, text lovers, drivers, lawyers and clients alike are constantly reminded of the dangers, better choices can be made.

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