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New Year, New Injuries

How to Stay Safe in 2021 

When New Year’s Eve is on a Thursday or Friday night. Celebration tends to carry over through Sunday. Popping champagne corks, fireworks, gunshots, and all types of revelry fill the evening until the early morning. Until the urge to sleep becomes too great. In a perfect world, such celebrating would end with the celebrants going to bed, sleeping soundly, and waking up rested, with no harm done.

However, Utah lawyers know that celebration leads to accidents. Especially when including alcohol, fireworks, or guns. Be it New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, or another event, expect the unexpected. Robert J. Debry and Associates know that risky behaviors during celebrations often end in tragedies.

Don’t Drink and Drive 

Drinking champagne is a tradition when ringing in the New Year. But some people drink a little too much. New Year’s Eve is a time when drunk driving accidents increase significantly. Some people think one celebratory drink won’t affect driving ability, but it only takes one drink to impair judgment enough to cause an accident. Any personal injury attorney can share stories about individuals who have sustained severe injuries because of the “One drink won’t impact my driving” attitude.

Utah lawyers Urge Caution 

Many people enjoy fireworks throughout the year, and amateurs often try their hands at pyrotechnics when ushering in a new year. However, the best practice is to leave the fireworks shows to the pros. Shooting off fireworks can lead to serious injuries, and half of those affected are children and young adults. Fireworks can also cause fires that destroy structures, but it is not unusual to observe people shooting off fireworks in neighborhoods with homes built closely together. A personal injury attorney can tell you that using fireworks near houses and other structures is a terrible idea.


Be Aware

In some areas, individuals have a tradition of shooting guns to ring in the new year or celebrate other occasions. The problem is that when firing off live rounds, the bullets go someplace, and they do not end up in outer space or suspended in the air—they fall. There are accounts of people being injured or killed by bullets fired during celebrations. After being fired, stray bullets can fall from the sky and strike people, and they can go through the windows of homes and vehicles.

Robert J Debry and Associates understands that when people sustain injuries due to thoughtless actions, the individuals responsible should be held accountable. Anyone whose life has been turned upside down by dangerous deeds should talk with Utah lawyers for help.

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